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Hands On Interpreting/Consulting 


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Qualified Mental Health Interpreter - Supervisor, RID/NAD Certified, CT, Level V 

  • Experience in inpatient, outpatient and day program settings
  • Forensic settings including NGRI, competence and sexual predator assessments
  • Conference interpreting at state, regional and national conferences - SERID, NAD, ADARA, EHDI, RID and others 
  • Performance interpreting, specializing in sign-to-voice interpretation of comedy and drama


Experienced in providing workshops, seminars and specific skill  assessment & development

  • Presentations at national, regional, state and local conferences including social work, interpreting, community agencies, cross-cultural training and mental health
  • Mental Health Interpreter Training - Alabama
  • Institute for Legal Interpreting - Colorado
  • See Presentations page for recent workshops


​Providing knowledgeable assessment, consultation and program development in a variety of areas related to mental health and deafness

  • Expert witness in cases related to accessibility in medical and mental health settings
  • Communication Skills Assessment for individuals with dysfluent language
  • Assisting behavioral healthcare systems in meeting the requirements of the Culturally and Linguistically Accessible Services standards, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Joint Commission Provision of Care requirements related to language access and other requirements of Federal and State law.